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We are... how shall we say, a little dead in the water? Perhaps this is school-related testing (I know I have a ton right now, don't know about any of you), or perhaps we are all simply very lazy :) .  Any ideas for how to get this thing going a little faster than it is? More members? Prompts? Something? Now that we have a super-awesome and fantastic journal layout, we have no reason not to use it.


((Ros and Guil meet--again. --two-person for now. If anyone else feels like joining in let me know and I'll post the whole thing in a new thread on a community instead of just the link to this journal.

you can view our progress here--> http://toobold.livejournal.com/755.html))


We clearly need to spice this community up a little. I mean, I'm sure once we start really going, we'll start going, but maybe we'd get started faster if we appealed to a wider audience.

From now on, Hanna Montana characters are available to be RPed!


Rosencrantz is exploring the halls of Wittenberg, wandering in an obviously aimless way, floating in and out of intense concentration on the smallest of things. It may be after classes, perhaps during - he has never had a particularly good sense of time, and probably never will. "Life is a series of instances," somebody had said to him (although he couldn't remember who it was), and nothing could be more true for Rosencrantz.
His aimless walk didn't really start aimlessly... he vaguely remembered some initial purpose. Perhaps he was going to meet somebody? Or perhaps he was trying to meet somebody. Maybe he had started off with the intent to be in class, or at least find out when they started. And ended. Ends are just as important as beginnings, after all...
But for now, purposes are insignificant. Rosencrantz has become preoccupied with a particularly interesting stone in the ceiling, and has decided to stand right in the middle of the hall to look up at it.

**OOC: First RP attempt (please forgive me)! Figured we ought to post something, lest it fail...**

It All Begins Here!

Wittenberg is an esteemed school in Germany. Students come from all over Europe to study with scholars who live and teach at the college. It is the best education you can get, though few can afford it.

((Here is where you introduce your character! Do not assume your character exists because he or she had previously. I'm restarting, so the only character I know is in and who they are is Horatio. Fill out the information I ask you for, too. I'll leave an example in the first comment.))

<b>Real Name/Handle:</b>
<b>Real Journal:</b>
<b>Favorite Fruit:</b>

(Pick at least one:)
<b>Other Contact Information:</b>



Bet you didn't think you'd hear from me ever again! subcutis just poked me and asked if we're doing anything. Are people still interested?


Comment here about parts you would like.


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